Short Story Collection

Holes riddle the universe, invisible rifts between our world and the realm of the afterlife. Ellen Price Marley, physicist and renowned ghost hunter, has spent the past two years hunting for one of these portals to the paranormal, in the hope of reuniting with the husband and child she lost to this mysterious phenomena.

In an haunted, abandoned manor deep in the Canadian wilderness, she finally tracks down her elusive goal. Yet after she and her fellow explorers step foot into the strange, ghostly world beyond the gateway, they find themselves in a desperate race to escape the clutches of an entire dimension belonging to the dead. Will any of them escape alive, or are they destined to join Ellen's missing family among the legions of the damned?

Brian Davinport always knew his childhood friend, Jodie Halford possessed a spark of brilliance within her, but he never imagined that she could invent a device that would allow them a glimpse into parallel worlds. When her invention shows the couple deeply in love in alternate realities, it seems that the universe's plan for them is clear. However, Jodie's machine also shows other things; lives twisted and ruined by a simple variation of fate. Such visions aren't easily dismissed, and such knowledge can often lead to disastrous consequences.

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