First book in an ongoing series!

Sarah Milton grew up with an imaginary friend, Anna Nigma, as her only companion. After the murder of her mother, she set her sights on finding her killer and bringing him to justice. Fifteen years later, the bookish girl is a homicide detective with the LAPD. Following a fatal shooting, she finds herself inexplicably reunited with her irrepressible teenage companion, turning her normal life upside down. She soon discovers that Anna's true origin and her ongoing serial killer investigation are steeped in the supernatural, and that the only hope of unraveling the mysteries of both lie in her renewed power to see and speak to the dead. Unable to disclose the truth about the insanity overtaking her life, will she stop a killer in time, or end up joining Anna in the afterlife?

The 2nd volume of the Reading The Dead series. LAPD detective Sarah Milton and her ghostly sidekick, Anna Nigma, face their greatest threat yet in a paranormal mystery involving her deadliest foe, the notorious "Fancy Dress Killer." The pair must hunt down a copycat on a mission of vengeance, with ties to a supernatural presence threatening not only their lives, but the fate of all they hold dear.


The poltergeist queen of pranks faces off against a pair of hapless criminals and brings the Fancy Dress Killer to his knees in this companion novella to Fidelis In Aeternum, the 2nd volume of the Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles series! Two standalone Anna Nigma adventures of everyone's favorite teenage ghost: ANNA'S BRUSH WITH LIFE / HAPPILY EVER AFTERLIFE

Half-shifter Maggie "Magpie" Bartlett and Jynx, her siren friend, find themselves in a life and death struggle following their infiltration into a human/fae trafficking ring run by the yakuza. Trapped between warring forces of vampires, werewolves, and a Japanese demon of boundless rage, they're forced to put their trust in the unlikeliest of allies in a desperate flight for freedom.

While helping a half-troll assassin escape the service of the vampire lord, Raven, Magpie and Jynx find themselves in the middle of a plot hatched by his second-in-command, Tabitha. Forced to flee a troll hunting party and a powerful shifter working for Tabitha, they seek refuge with the wizard, Marlon Grimwold. When the trolls lay siege to his magic shop, they discover that nothing at the city's center is as simple as it appears.
The 3rd volume of the Reading The Dead series. Homicide Detective Sarah Milton and teenage poltergeist Anna Nigma find themselves caught up in a battle against a life-sucking supernatural entity, an escaped convict with dissociative identity disorder, a vigilante killer, and a bloody war between L.A.'s most dangerous street gangs... and that's only the start of the insanity they'll face during their holiday season!